Sports Pack Giveaway



Provide your home with effective protection against mosquitoes. Don't let a single bite put you in trouble.

  • 365 nanoscale light wave
  • Energy efficient with LED light source
  • 360 degrees mosquito trapping
  • Non-oxidising material, easy to clean & ultra-durable
  • Quiet & odourless


  1. Applicants of Mosquito Repellent Device Giveaway must be Malaysia citizens or PR or persons working or residing in West Malaysia with a minimum age of 18.
  2. Each family can only register for one Mosquito Repellent Device, regardless of the number of family members.
  3. Multiple registrations, incomplete registration or inaccurate information will not be qualified for entry.
  4. Photos may be taken upon gift collection and may be featured on printed advertising materials and or media channels including but not limited to social media sites.
  5. The redeemed gift is non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
  6. Gifts are subject to availability while stock lasts.
  7. There will be a 15-minute sharing session of AIA Vitality Program via video call by AIA Life Planner from UVA Organisation, an authorised representative of AIA Malaysia. Gift items will be couriered to the recipient’s address.
  8. Delivery will take a minimum of 14 working days.
  9. This Campaign is organised & launched by UVA Organisation, an authorised representative of AIA Berhad
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